Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Little Bit Of Everything #3

THV my Sesame Kale and Snow Peas again. I added chickpeas to make it a real meal.

[day before fating] I was reading
The Urban Vegan's blog the other day, where she talked about doing a juice fast, and how it helps her digestion and all that stuff, and I have a horrible digestive system, I get sick after every meal (no matter what I eat), chronic constipation (though I get plenty of fiber and water) and I'm bloated all the time. So I figured I'd give it a shot. I bought 2 bottles (2 quarts) of juice. A bottle of Bolthouse Farms C-Boost and a bottle of Bolthouse Farms Blue Goodness. My plan is to drink both bottles of juice and lots of water (I was going to do a water fast but I didn't want to lose weight). Wish me luck.
[Day of fast] Well this was a complete failure, I had a massive stomach ache all day (worse than normal) an I ended up drinking all my juice by 5p.m. because I was so hungry, I ate an apple and, amazing, the stomach ache went away! I definitely will not be trying that again.

Fruit salad of apple, kiwi, pineapple and lime juice. I was going to go help out at my climbing gym (Redpoint) where they're having a bouldering competition, so I was going to help with registering people and stuff, so I did that then went to go watch my friends. To get points for finishing a climb you had to have 2 people watch you and then sign your sheet, so I helped my friends Haley and Lexi on that, but it looked like so much fun I signed up too. I'd never been in a competition before (of any kind) so I was super nervous, but I had a lot of fun and got 3rd place in beginner level (v0-v2 for those informative in climbing), for my prizes I got a free pair of climbing shoes (retail $90), a Redpoint coffee mug, a shirt that says "run like a girl" and a competition shirt. I think I'm going to do more competitions as this was so great.

Stir-fry of Chinese greens (it looked like broccoli raab but I'm not sure what it really is), mushrooms, garlic, red pepper flakes, peas, soy sauce, orange zest (Orange zest and soy sauce are so awesome together) and tofu. For the tofu I coated each side in lots of fresh pepper and a tiny bit of salt, then browned it in non-stick cooking spray then added it back to the stir-fry in the end. And of course a yam baked on the side, seriously awesome.

THV More 4 Bean Chili

Italian Roasted Red Peppers. All I do is take jarred roasted red peppers, and add peppercorns, rosemary, sometimes thyme, and garlic and it transforms them to Italian Roasted Red Peppers! Perfect for sandwiches or snacking.

Green leaf lettuce, carrot (grated), roasted red potatoes, olives, roasted chickpeas, and this recipe for 1000 island dressing I found
HERE, it was good, tasted like thousand island, but a little bland.

My power smoothie, every Wednesday I have rock climbing, so I have to eat extra [calories] to keep up my strength, and normally a smoothie for me is only 200 calories or so, and this one was 370. It has strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, soft tofu, cooked millet, almond extract and stevia, it was so creamy and thick it was

THV Chili Orange Roasted Chickpeas. There's a few ways I like to roast my chickpeas, Chili Orange, just soy sauce, Salt & Vinegar Chicks (THV), and just curry powder. I just made the Chili Orange and Soy Sauce this time, I would've liked to make SALT & Vinegar Chicks, but I didn't have any vinegar (weird!)

Kale and potatoes with roasted garlic. I steamed the chopped kale until tender, then added 1 small roasted potato (chopped), and used a fork to mash the potato, then added 3 or 4 cloves of roasted garlic, and mashed it in, then added salt and pepper. I loved the texture, it was just perfect, I think some mushrooms or peas would've made it even better

Friday, March 16, 2007

A bit of everything #2

As always THV means it's a recipe for The Healthful Vegan. We went shopping Wednesday (14th) so I have a good amount of stuff to work with.

THV More Sunny Tomato Soup, really I just wanted to show off my new mug, isn't it pretty? It's a lot bigger than most, so it's perfect for soup.

Roasted parsnips and asparagus. The asparagus with roasted with a little gf soy sauce and topped with sliced garlic. The parsnips were just roasted plain.

A Breast Of Orange Pom Tofu atop a bed of Tarragon Millet and Sesame Kale and Snow Peas (wow that sounded fancy didn't it?) I've told you about the tofu before, basically it's tofu marinated in orange juice, pomegranate molasses and some other stuff. Normally I cut it into cubes, but I cut the block into filet's this time so it'd look fancier. They finally had millet (only 1 bag left) at the health food store, so I made that. It's so good, kinda like quinoa, but fluffier and without the little tails (which is the one reason why I don't eat it as often as I should). I added some dried tarragon to it and it added a nice licorice-like flavor. Then the bottom layer is my Sesame Kale and Snow Peas, which is steamed snow peas and kale, with sesame seasonings. (the tofu and sesame kale are both THV recipes). You would think that orange pomegranate, tarragon and sesame oil all together in one meal would taste weird, but it actually was very nice.

Toast with 2 jams. The slice on the right has my all-fruit blueberry jam (polaner) and the slice on the left has all-fruit black cherry (also polaner). I think I prefer the blueberry because it has more flavor. On the side is some fresh pineapple (it's been months since I've had any) and I'm not sure if you can tell, but there is a blue cup next to the plate (top right corner), in there is some "Detox Lemonade". I heard of a recipe (can't remember where, I think it was on a raw newsletter), all you do is mix filtered water, fresh lemon juice and maple syrup or honey (or other sweetener) and drink. The lemon is supposed to help your digestive system, and the sweetener makes it less tart. I didn't have any maple syrup, so I used stevia. I don't think it helped because I still got a stomach-ache

Here's a simple sandwich of Ener-g Tapioca Bread, baby spinach*, mustard*, and portabella mushroom. And some asparagus on the side, normally I just roast my asparagus with a little soy sauce, but this time I wanted to try something fancier. So I roasted 3 cloves of garlic until soft, threw it in my mini food processor (my mom bought me an Oster Immersion Blender on sale for $12 last Friday, and it has this awesome little chopper attachment that works perfect for things like this.), along with the garlic I added 1/4 cup soy milk* and 1/2 TBS cornstarch and a pinch of salt and blended it until smooth,. It was pretty good, nice garlic flavor, but also somewhat bland, I added a little mustard* and that perked it right up, then I poured it over the asparagus. I think I may just stick with my soy roasted asparagus because it took a bit of work, though it was a nice change of pace.

THV Morning Millet, I wanted to try and make something different for breakfast, so this is cooked millet, seasoned with cloves and cinnamon (and another secret I can't tell you about :), and some fresh ripe mango.
I definitely need to cut the mango smaller next time, but that's the only complaint. Oh and I added cashews which were like the icing on the cake, made it perfect.

Simple stir-fry of frozen asparagus mix, some fresh mushrooms, garlic, gf soy sauce and baby spinach*, served with jasmine rice. I was quite disappointed with the rice, because I'd heard that it was much better than most rice, very flavorful and fragrant, but it just tasted like rice. Oh well...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Little Of Everything #1

I find it's a lot easier for me to post 1 week of pictures all at once, instead of a post everyday. Here's all my pictures for 3/8-3/14. Oh and THV means it's a recipe for The Healthful Vegan :)

A nice balanced dinner. Roasted sweet potato "fries" tossed with a little sea salt and stevia (the starch), cooked moong dal, or yellow lentils (the protein) and some frozen vegetable stir-fry mix cooked with some soy sauce and grapefruit zest (the veg). Very simple and good.

Breakfast Ice Cream. Frozen bananas and pineapple blended with a little stevia and just enough water to make it blend. So good, looks just like vanilla soft serve doesn't it. I really wanted it to look like vanilla bean ice cream, but I had no vanilla beans (too expensive), so instead, right before I ate it (after I took the picture), I stirred in a little ground cloves and it gave it the perfect finishing touch.

THV? Congeili (little shells) with mushrooms and peppers. I sauteed some portabellas and roasted red peppers with Italian seasoning, onions, and garlic, then added some cornstarch and soy milk. It was very good, but not enough flavor, and the onions weren't cooked long enough, so I had to pick those out :(

Gorgeous Rome apple I had for a snack. Can you see all the pink in the white? It was very flavorful, but a little mealy.

Normally I don't go all out for dinner, but the other day I wanted to so I made some short brown rice, Orange Pom Tofu (THV), a stir-fry (frozen stir-fry mix and some soy sauce) and some asian style greens (steamed mustard greens with sesame oil and sea salt). Everything was great except for the mustard greens. I'd never had them, so I bought a small bunch to try. I cooked them the same way I always cook my kale, but I hated them! They were so bitter it was awful, like dirt (yes I've tasted dirt)

I hate having to use those plastic bags for my groceries. So I made some of my own bags. We were given a big box of unused hospital scrubs, so I took some of the shirts and turned them into bags like the one above. The downsize is their huge, because the shirts were mainly extra larges, but oh well. I only made 2 so far, because I have to hand sew the top sides and bottom and handles, so it takes a good while. I'm gonna make more in the next couple days so we'll have enough for our re-stock shopping on the 15th.

THV 4 bean chili, yum. It's got lots of spices, tomato sauce, peppers, onions, chickpeas, kidney beans, pinto beans and black beans. I didn't have any pinto or chickpeas, so I substituted small red beans, some wild rice and black eyed peas instead. So great, though I missed my chickpeas :(

A really great breakfast. Half a papaya (I ate the other half at breakfast the other day), a Stonyfield Starwberry Soy Yogurt (4oz), to which I added some flaxseed, ground cinnamon and cloves, it really ups the flavor. And a slice of Ener-g Tapocia Bread with blueberry all-fruit spread. A perfect way to start the day.

Heres a pic of one of my (many) kitties. His name is coconut and he is blind and deaf (aren't his eyes cool? one blue and one green), you can read more about him Here. I was laying down and he decided to try and eat my hand, so I grabbed the camera and took a picture. Isn't he cute?

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Food Porn

Here we go, I have been saving up my pics all week so here's some food porn for you all (sorta). If it had THV in front of it, than it is a recipe for The Healthful Vegan.

THV Carrot Cardamom Doughnuts They were originally supposed to be cookies, but when I was looking for the sheet pan, I found this old doughnut pan, and turned them into doughnuts. I wanted to make them into muffins yesterday for a more breakfasty thing, but I couldn't find it, so they were just doughnuts again. I added some wild blueberries (frozen) to make them even more healthier. For the original version they're made out of brown rice flour, potato starch, flax seed, bananas, carrot, cinnamon, & cardamom. Very simple, and very good (They taste like cinnamon doughnuts from dun-kin donuts). They're perfect for breakfast with some fruit and a soy yogurt (or nuts).

THV(Tofu only) Stir fry of Napa Cabbage, Chickpeas, Peas, Broccoli, Water Chestnuts, Onions and Soy sauce. Then on the side is the rest of my Orange Pom Tofu from THV. It's probably my favorite tofu recipe. It's really simple, just soy sauce, orange juice, pomegranate molasses and garlic.

THV Chocolate Peppermint French Toast. Needs some more cocoa next time, otherwise very good. perfect with a side of mango.

Beautiful orange tomato, very flavorful. Can you tell which is the orange and which is the tomato?*

The best salad in the world, seriously: my Caveman Salad. It's basically small sups of lettuce filled with peas and dressed with an orange dressing. I'm seriously considering making it a THV recipe, but I'm not sure, it's too easy to be recipe.

THV? Super Yummy Delicious Everything Breakfast Bread. I made it the first time today. It's full of awesome things like brown rice flour, buckwheat flour, pumpkin puree, cinnamon, cloves, dried unsweetened coconut, cashews, raisins, wild blueberries, flax and some other less awesome things like water, cornstarch, baking powder, baking soda and stevia. It's so good, lightly sweet, and you get a crunch from the cashews, and chewiness from the raisins. Though I had some problems:

  1. It didn't rise. I put a good amount of baking powder in it, but it didn't rise at all. I'm going to buy some yeast and try it again.
  2. It fell apart. Normally just by adding flax it keeps everything together, but not with this. Instead it became very crumbly, so I cut it in half lengthwise, then cut into 12 large cubes, that way it's like a thick, short slice of bread :) And because it's so full of good stuff, it doesn't even need any EB or jam or anything.

If the yeast doesn't work out, I think I'm going to try and make them into muffins instead, that way no problems of cutting them :) Though I will have to rename them the Super Yummy Delicious Everything Magnificent Muffins

Another caveman salad. I've eaten one everyday for 4 days lol, so good.

Breakfast of sliced orange, johna gold apple and some of the Super Yummy Delicious Everything Breakfast Bread.

THV Sunny Tomato Soup. I've been working on this one for a while, I wanted it to be creamy and have a lot of flavor, but I couldn't give it a lot of flavor without overpowering. So this last time I made it was some Sunflower seed butter, and omg, the texture is awesome. I've tried making this with coconut milk, soy milk and stock, but I I found that using stock and the sunbutter gave me the texture I wanted (which is weird because the coconut milk couldn't). It still doesn't have a ton of flavor, but I think I like that. I want it to taste like a tomato soup, not make it with lots of herbs and spices. Other things in the soup are quinoa, peppers, onion, red pepper flakes, garlic ginger and coriander.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Hey everyone, sorry I've been MIA for the last few days, I've been super busy. I just wanted to tell you all that my guinea pig Lola had her babies this afternoon. She had 4 total, though 2 were stillborn, and 1 isn't doing too good :( The living ones are black (he/she's the one that isn't doing so good) and a brown & white. I named the black one Jujube (like the Chinese date. The nickname with be Juju) and the other Mango. Since I'm not sure weather they're girls or boys so depending on which it is, it's name will be Miss Mango or Mr. Mango.

Also I am looking for a cookbook tester. If anybody is interested, please e-mail me at